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Insects are capable of carrying diseases and leave a tremendous path of damage in their wake, so get rid of them fast and professionally with the professional technicians at St George’s Pest Control. We know how to handle the toughest of infestation challenges to ensure the most effective results. We cover all areas of Essex and most areas of London and Kent, including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Romford, Loughton, Braintree and more!


Black or brown Garden Ants are common in the summer, so if you see flying insects, foraging workers, or raised gravel areas, call in St George’s Pest Control. We’ll treat all wall/floor junctions and underneath door/window frame with residual insecticide to ensure complete success.


The Pharaoh Ant is of tropical origin and yellow in colour, typically found near a source of moisture such as kitchens & bathrooms in hospitals, prisons and block of flats. The nests are rarely seen and treatment is completely different to that of the Garden Ant. Large numbers of these ants will be a nuisance and create a risk especially in sterile areas of hospitals. St George’s Pest Control has a range of products to eradicate an infestation.


The German cockroach can be found on kitchen floors, catering areas and around drains. Light brown in colour, a female can produce many eggs and an infestation can develop rapidly. The Oriental cockroach is mostly black in colour and is generally found in basements, boiler rooms and occasionally outdoors adjacent to buildings. Oriental cockroaches cannot climb up smooth surfaces. Rapid treatment for both species is required to prevent full infestation.

The appearance of cockroaches is no reason to panic with the excellent services of St George’s Pest Control. These hardy, nocturnal insects can be eradicated with the careful application of residual insecticide or gel bait. Two or more treatments may be necessary, and we recommend regular treatments over a twelve month period for heavy infestations or large premises.


Bloodsucking Bed bugs hide out in cracks & crevices during the daytime and can be seen in mattress seams, but the technicians at St George’s Pest Control can make them disappear! Bed bugs inject saliva as they feed and for many people this substance causes an allergic reaction leading to delayed swelling and itching, although they do not transmit disease. We’ll treat all live adults and clusters of white eggs with residual insecticide and spray behind pictures, curtains, skirting, and floor boards. We’ll repeat the process in 2-3 weeks to make sure all pests have been eliminated.


Sweet things attract wasps from all around, but you can prevent them from settling on your property with St George’s Pest Control. With our experience we can provide all the information you require regarding wasps. For example, did you know queen wasps emerge in the spring to build a new nest in a sheltered location such as a roof void, cavity wall, tree hollow or in the ground. The size of the nest peaks in late summer, usually by the end of September but it can be as late as November. At this point the nest is abandoned and left to decay.Our technicians will provide a thorough inspection before safely treating and removing nests from lofts, trees, or ditches so you can relax in your garden once more.


Fleas lay their eggs in animal bedding, under floorboards and in carpets. A young flea can lay dormant in its pupae stage until detecting a host nearby, resulting in many fleas hatching at the same time, for example, if a room or property is left unoccupied for a length of time.

Fleas carry a number of diseases and their bites can cause intense skin irritation, so expel them from your home with the excellent team at St George’s Pest Control. We’ll eradicate your pest problem with a powerful treatment of residual insecticide. If you see fleas 2 week after the initial we’ll ensure we provide a follow up treatment for complete elimination.


From grain weevils and flour beetles to clothes moths and carpet beetles, St George’s Pest Control also specialises in the identification and elimination of stored product insects and textile pests. After a thorough inspection, our highly-trained technicians will remove infected or contaminated products and treat all areas with residual insecticide. You won’t find better, more effective services anywhere else!

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