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Affordable Pest Control Services In Basildon

St. George’s pest control is based in Basildon. We offer our pest control services to customers in Basildon as well as all across Essex. If you need us, we respond to each and every call we receive, with an expert pest control technician on your doorstep within two hours of your phone call to us. As we are aware of the undesirable nature of pest infestation for our Basildon customers, we deem it necessary to respond quickly and rid you of your pest issue in one visit. This minimises the inconvenience on you and your daily routine, whether you are a commercial or domestic customer. Our pest control methods are highly effective in the long term as well as the short term. We have productive discussions with our Basildon customers, so they can also take measures to keep themselves pest free in years to come. Our highly effective pest control methods and liaison with our Basildon customers leaves people talking about us once we have completed our pest control work. This is why a lot of our business comes via word of mouth. Our Basildon customers come to us for pest control services as our reputation precedes us.

A Suite Of Pest Control Services In Basildon

Once we have responded within two hours and we have arrived at your Basildon property, we always aim to start our pest control work as quickly as possible in order to rid you of your pest infestation. Where there are many potential implications of pest infestation, our specialist pest control team work as quickly and thoroughly as possible to rid you of your pest infestation and minimise those implications at your Basildon property. We do all of our pest control work in Basildon whilst still keeping the environment at the forefront. With such huge emphasis on environmentally friendly operations, we aim to look for the least harsh pest control methods for our Basildon customers. This means minimising the use of chemicals and the damage to local eco systems surrounding the area of pest control work being undertaken in Basildon. We aim to keep the use of chemicals as low as possible, only using them where absolutely necessary in an effort to maximise the efficacy of our pest control work and to keep our Basildon customers pest free for years to come.

Pest Control Basildon


Pest infestations can prove very expensive for our Basildon customers. Damage caused by extensive pest infestations can run into the thousands of pounds for repairs. From fabric damage to structural damage in extreme cases. This is why a reputable pest control company such as St. George’s in Basildon need to be called as soon as an infestation is encountered. Infestations don’t necessarily happen in unsanitary environments. Design flaws can make for ideal habitats for pests as well. Even if your Basildon property is spotless, pest infestations are indiscriminate. If anyone in your Basildon property has conditions such as asthma, eczema, or pre-existing allergies, it is even more vital that a trustworthy pest control company is called as soon as possible so as to not exacerbate peoples’ health problems. Pest control service can be completed relatively quickly, minimising any disruption to you. We complete pest control services in Basildon for all manner of common infestations. Rodents, fleas, ants and other insects are just some of the insects we see in Basildon properties. Another lesser thought of infestation we offer pest control services for in Basildon is birds. Birds can cause disturbance is many ways such as noise and can ruin the aesthetic of buildings. As such, we offer environmentally friendly methods of bird control for our Basildon customers. Our huge compliment of pest control services here at St. George’s makes us pioneers in the pest control industry, in Basildon, in Essex and further afield.

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