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St George’s are a pest control company based in Chelmsford, serving many other towns across Essex. We are renowned in the Chelmsford area for our swift response times to pest control issues across the region. We keep customers pest free in Chelmsford and in the surrounding areas, offering a two hour response time from the moment they call us. Our swift response times to pest control issues, our far reaching business area and fantastic customer service make us an upstanding pest control company in the Chelmsford area. All of our calls are responded to by accredited pest control technicians, who are experienced specialists in pest control and pest behaviour. They will be prepared to complete any pest control work at your Chelmsford property that you may have requested, whether that be day or night. Whenever we receive a call into our Chelmsford base, we always respond, 24 hours a day. Our previous customers in the Chelmsford area will add testament to that. A lot of our business has come through previous customers spreading the word about our fantastic pest control skills, and leaving them pest free before we leave their Chelmsford property as well.


In Chelmsford, our pest control services are known for being delivered quickly and efficiently, being available to both domestic and commercial properties. We are acutely aware as to how damaging an uncontrolled pest infestation can be. St. George’s in Chelmsford are one of very few pest control companies in the area who provide environmentally sound pest control methods. We are mindful of local eco systems and are always seeking alternative pest control methods to aggressive chemicals for our Chelmsford customers. With 24 hour availability and a two hour response time for all of our Chelmsford customers, you have complete peace of mind that the leading pest control company in the Chelmsford area will have you pest free in no time at all. Our advanced pest control methods also make it extremely difficult for future infestations to occur. We consider all pest control work to be a collaborative effort with our Chelmsford customers. We discuss everything with you to ensure full understanding of the pest control process. It is important you understand what we are going to do. We also offer pest control advice. This means we help you avoid future infestations. Instructing a pest control company in Chelmsford is less than ideal for you, so we help you stop it from happening again. This makes us all the more trusted in the Chelmsford area.


Pest related damage can cost our Chelmsford customers huge amounts of money. Whether or not your home is spotless is of no issue. If there are any areas of poor design or damage, these can be the ideal breeding ground for pests. It is vital that our Chelmsford customers react quickly to pest infestations, by calling a reputable pest control company such as St. George’s. This is because long term pest infestation which remains without control can cause damage to your home, furniture and clothing as well as having health implications. These include skin conditions, breathing difficulties and allergies. Fast action keeps everyone in your Chelmsford property safe in the long term. We deal with all common pest control issues in Chelmsford. Some of the pest infestations you’d expect us to deal with include cockraches, mice, rats, fleas, bedbugs and ants. We deal with others, however, these are the most common pest infestations that our Chelmsford customers call us out to. Along with that, we also offer bird removal to our Chelmsford customers. All of our bird removal methods are environmentally conscious, with no aggressive chemicals. We really are pioneers in the pest control field, both in Chelmsford and beyond.

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