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Based in Romford and serving Romford and the surrounding areas, St George’s pest control are well known for high quality pest control services with swift response times and long term infestation eradication. Our response time to pest control calls in Romford is just two hours. Two hours and we will be with you at your Romford address ready to undertake any pest control work you need. We understand that an infestation can be highly distressing. This is why we always aim to get out to you so quickly and get the job done, leaving you pest free upon our departure from your Romford property. All of this amounts to the outstanding customer service that we have become so well known for in Romford and in the pest control industry as a whole. We never fail to respond to a customer call, day or night. A lot of calls we receive into our Romford base come as a result of word of mouth. Many of our previous customers have been so happy with the results of the pest control work that we have done for them in Romford and the surrounding areas, that they spread the word. It means people remember our name when they find themselves in need of pest control services in the Romford area.


Our Romford team do not believe in wasting time. So, when we get to you, we set to work quickly in an effort to get you pest free as soon as possible. Both commercial and domestic properties in Romford are free to use our pest control services. We are aware of the implications of an infestation on both domestic and commercial properties. As such, we offer modern, environmentally sound methods of pest control in Romford. We are extremely mindful of the local eco systems, so we do our absolute best to keep the local environment entirely in tact. We always look to use alternatives to harsh chemicals which can be harmful to the environment, making us a real stand out pest control company in the Romford area. All of our pest control methods will leave you safe in the knowledge that you will be pest free quickly and for the long term. We discuss the whole pest control process with you, making sure you understand the whole process fully, and what we will be doing at your Romford property to get you pest free, along with anything you will need to do once the job is done. This effective communication throughout the pest control process means the likelihood of you remaining pest free for the long term is much higher.


Pest related damage in Romford is a hugely undesirable expense. The cleanliness of your home does not play a part in infestations. If there is any sign of disrepair or poor design work, this is an ideal habitat for pests. If you encounter pests at your Romford property, it is of pivotal importance that they are dealt with quickly, so as to minimise the risk of long term damage to your home or business. Calling a respected pest control company such as St. George’s in Romford will help get rid of your pest problem, keep it at bay and give you some crucial advice around how to prevent it happening again. It also restores good health of people in your Romford property. The most common pest infestation issues we deal with in Romford include rodents and insects. However we do also deal with bird infestations. We use modern and environmentally sound methods to help rid our Romford customers of their bird infestations, with no harsh chemicals. We really are leaders in the pest control industry. Not just in Romford, but across the region.

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