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Based in Brentwood, St. George’s are pioneers in pest control. We offer pest control services to customers in Brentwood and the Essex region. We respond to calls 24 hours a day, arriving at your doorstep in Brentwood within two hours of your call, no matter what time you call us. We are here to take care of your pest control needs and take away the stress that comes with an infestation. This is why we always strive to complete our pest control work and rid you of any infestation you are encountering in one single visit. We also appreciate you want a quick response, which is why we have created a pest control service than can respond to your call in such a small amount of time. Serving both commercial and domestic customers, we complete any pest control service you have requested with a minimum of disruption to your day to day routine. We understand that infestations can have financial implications on businesses as well as other implications on Brentwood households. So, rest assured our pest control services will leave you pest free with advice on how to stay pest free for years to come.


Upon our arrival to you in Brentwood, we will discuss what pest control services you need, the type of infestation you are facing and what type of pest control service you will need to rid you of it. After that, we set to work to rid you of your infestation quickly and effectively. Our fully accredited pest control technicians are experts in pest behaviour and different pest control methods to use on various types of infestations in Brentwood homes and businesses. With all of this expert knowledge, we still undertake all our pest control work with the environment in mind. We understand that some older chemicals used in the pest control industry can be quite harsh on the environment and the surrounding eco systems around your infestations. That is why we endeavour to use less harsh chemicals, thinking of the environment around us whenever we complete pest control work in Brentwood. We do all of this whilst still making sure our pest control work is as effective as ever for our Brentwood customers. We understand that sometimes, the use of chemicals in the pest control industry is unavoidable. However, where we can avoid it, we will. We do all of this without compromising on the efficacy of our pest control work for our Brentwood customers.


An infestation is an extremely undesirable expense for our Brentwood customers. Repairs following long term infestations can incur large amounts of money. In extreme cases of infestation, structural damage can be caused to your Brentwood home. Chronic infestations can also have health implications, particularly for people suffering from ecezma, asthma and other allergy related conditions. Design flaws in your Brentwood home can make the ideal breeding ground for pests. It is not all about a lack of cleanliness. Even the cleanest of homes in Brentwood can encounter pest infestations. All of these are key reasons why an experienced pest control company such as St. George’s in Brentwood should be called without delay to rid you of your pest infestation, to get you pest free in the long term.

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