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If you are looking for the leading pest control company in Braintree, look no further than St, George’s. Our pest control services are open to both households and businesses in Braintree, with a two hour response time from the moment you call us. Our pest control services are available to our Braintree customers 24 hours a day, which proves highly beneficial so as to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. We also appreciate that pest infestation is most inconvenient and stressful to our Braintree customers. So, we respond within two hours to reduce that stress and rid you of your undesirable infestation as quickly as possible. We also work very quickly. This means that our goal is to complete pest control work for our Braintree customers in one visit. This is another way in which we try and reduce inconvenience.


We do not waste time once we arrive at your property in Braintree. We start work straight away on the pest control service you have requested to rid your Braintree property of any infestation you have reported to us. We work with the aim of completing long term pest control in a timely fashion so you can carry on as normal once we have left your Braintree property. Our Braintree team have years of experience in the pest control industry, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all pest control services from St. George’s are being carried out by experts in the industry. Their years of experience means they can eradicate pests from your Braintree property quickly and effectively, and also give you sound advice on pest control and how to keep your property pest free in the long term. From ventilation to rodent traps, there are many measures you can take, which are Braintree team will discuss with you once their pest control work is complete. Here at St. Georges in Braintree, we always complete pest control work with the environment in mind. This means we keep the use of chemicals as low as possible. Overuse of chemicals can have an adverse effect on the environment, as well as the direct surrounding area of use. This is why we keep the use of them down to an absolute minimum. Despite keeping use of chemicals low during pest control work, we always ensure that your infestation is completely eradicated before we leave your Braintree property.


Nobody wants to spend money on pest control services in Braintree, as the bill has the potential to be quite large. However, at St. George’s, our prices are extremely competitive, making pest control a lot more affordable for our Braintree customers. We also have a full understanding of the personal impact pest infestations can have. If our Braintree customers suffer from lung conditions such as asthma or skin conditions such as eczema, these can be made worse by pest infestations, due to the byproducts they leave behind. A leading cause of pest infestations in Braintree is design flaws in properties. A lack of cleanliness can sometimes be a cause also, but, not all the time. If you suspect you may have a pest problem, call St. George’s in Braintree and take advantage of our two hour response service.

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