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At St. George’s we always endeavour to give our customers the fastest response time for any pest control requirements they may have. Working across Essex, the pest control team at St. Georges have a far reaching area of operation, keeping our customers pest free. . An experienced and accredited pest control technician will be with you at your address within two hours of your call, ready to undertake the pest control work you have requested. With our pest control services being competitively priced and available 24 hours a day, we respond to all calls we receive. We provide all our customers with a fantastic service. Much of our work comes to us through word of mouth, from extremely happy customers telling others how well St. George’s pest control have dealt with their pest issue. Your dedicated St George’s pest control technician will go through the pest control process with you in its entirety before they set to work at your property. We always make sure you are always pest free before we leave your property as well.

A Suite Of Pest Control Services

Our pest control services are always delivered with both speed and maximum efficacy. Our pest control services are also available to both homes and businesses alike, as we are all too aware of the damage that long term pest infestations can cause. All of the pest control methods we provide our customers are environmentally sound, using both water and food sources responsibly whilst keeping the surrounding eco systems in tact. With a two hour callout time to your property and pest control services being available 24 hours a day, you are safe in the knowledge there is always someone on hand to get you pest free no matter the time. We use a number of advanced pest control techniques, all of which make it extremely hard for our customers to encounter further infestations in the future. We work in constant communication with our customers, so, they know how the pest control process works and what we will be doing for them to rid them of their pest issue. Along with that, we offer advice on how to avoid future infestations, so as to not need a pest control company to come out to them again. Being experts in pest behaviour, reproduction and infestation, we have a ability to give sound advice to our customers which they can trust.

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Vast amounts of money are lost as a result of pest related damage. Your home or business could be absolutely spotless. However, infestation and the need for a pest control company is completely indiscriminate. Poor design and areas of damage can leave you more at risk of pest infestations. Slow reactions to pest infestations can not only cause further damage to your home or business, it can also have health implications to the people within it such as causing skin and lung conditions to flare up as well as allergies. Acting fast on pest infestations by calling a reliable pest control company such as St. George’s will help rid you of your pest issue and keep others in your home or business safe, along with avoiding damage to health, clothing and furniture.

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Our team are highly skilled and trained, with years of experience in the industry. No matter how big or small your pest problem might be we have a dedicated team waiting to assist you.

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